The 8 most consumed beers in Costa Rica by 2020

Actualizado: 25 de ene de 2020

The following are the 8 most consumed beers in Costa Rica. From the Imperial, Pilsen, Bavaria, Heineken and others that are always present at every party and activity of Costa Ricans. Other varieties are craft beers that are increasing in the beer atmosphere. More information on this Tafies blog.

We begin the list of the most important beers in the Costa Rican territory:

1. Imperial

It is the most popular in Costa Rica and the number 1 in sales. It is the first positive water beer in the world (Costa Rica is well known for its efforts to promote carbon neutrality of its industries, protection of the seas, forests, fauna and flora among many other efforts to protect the environment).

Imperial has its beginnings in the year of 1924, with an American Lager style, it has a percentage of alcohol of 4.5%, an IBU of 14, its distributor is Florida Ice & Farm Co. and its elaboration is based on malt (cereal), hops, water and yeast

*IBUs: For its acronym in English (International Bitterness Units). It chemically measures the number of compounds that generate a bitter taste to the beer.

The Imperial beer line was expanded in 2006 with Imperial Light beer (less bitter taste and alcohol content of 3.7%). Then followed the Imperial Silver, the Imperial Zero (for those people who want the drink without alcohol content but keep the beer flavor) and finally the Imperial Ultra (the lowest calorie beer in Costa Rica with a 4% volume of alcohol and 85 calories). According to the distributor:

"Imperial Ultra is an ideal choice for people looking to enjoy a beer and maintain a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle"

Imperial beer is so popular in Costa Rica that it is an official sponsor of a large number of events and party activities in Costa Rica such as the Zapote parties, the Palmares parties, Barra Imperial, among many others.

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2. Pilsen

It is a type of lager beer made since the beginning of the 19th century. This type of beer is made with Pilsen type malts, low hard water and Czech hops from Zatec (Saaz). It is fermented with low fermentation yeast. It is a light-colored drink and its alcohol content is medium (from 3% to 5%).

In Costa Rica, it is also called "blonde" (in Spanish "Rubia") because of its particular color. It has an alcohol content of 5.1%. It is one of the oldest beers in Costa Rica (over 100 years old).

It has a slightly stronger and bitter taste than Imperial beer, as well as a "fuller body". It is also produced by Florida Ice & Farm Co.

3. Bavaria

Like the previous types of beer, they are manufactured by Florida Ice & Farm Co. It has its beginnings in 1932.

It has different presentations such as

1. Bavaria Gold: It is the oldest in the portfolio of

Beers. It has a European legacy and an alcohol content of

5%. Well known for the golden tone and dense body and has won 4 medals in Monde Selection of Brussels.

2. Bavaria Light: It has fewer calories and content of alcohol than the other presentations mentioned before. It has its beginnings in 1992 and its percentage of alcohol ranges around 3.4% with only 98 calories. Its tone is golden and has a smooth flavor.

3. Bavaria Dark: The only dark beer offered by Cervecería de Costa Rica. It has a 5.0% alcohol level and a dark amber tone. It also has the presence of roasted and dark malts

4. Bavaria Red: With a percentage of alcohol of 4.5%, it has reddish tones because of the fusion of 3 different Malts which are Carared, Munich, and Pale. It started in Costa Rica at the beginning of 2016.

5. Bavaria Chill: Start-up year in Costa Rica is at the beginning of 2015. It has a percentage of alcohol of 4%, in addition to a mild and refreshing taste (little bitter).

4. Heineken:

It has a Dutch origin and is made since 1873. It is

distributed in more than 170 countries and is produced in Costa Rica since the year 1986. Made with the “A” type yeast that gives the characteristic flavor to the said beer.

Its nutritional content is as follows:

1. 0g of fat

2. Energy: 42 kcal

3. 5.0% alcohol content

5. Rock Ice:

Since 1995 it is produced in Costa Rica with a production of more than 39 million gallons per year. Owns a refreshing and light taste. It is made by a system called "Ice Brewing" which consists of a sub-cooling method to form crystals. The alcohol percentage is 4.7%

It has different versions such as the following:           

           1. Rock Ice Lemon: it has a lemon flavor with a little salt, ideal for those beach parties. It has a percentage of alcohol of  5.2%